SafeWays-Certified Apartment Communities:

Compliance and accountability are key words when it comes to becoming a SafeWays Certified Apartment Community.

Observance of basic components, such as determining on-site and area concerns, conducting resident needs assessments, and strategic alignment to local law enforcement constitute our primary focus. SafeWays provides on-site management training opportunities designed for each participating community, and offers regular monthly training curriculum at MPD precinct meetings with apartment managers. Each SafeWays Certified Community understands these expectations, undergoes an intake audit and receives a thorough, professional review by a Nationally Certified Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) inspector.

Each location agrees to accountability in cooperation with the SafeWays team and understands that association with the program requires that they maintain modeled best practices proven to enhance management abilities and building favorable resident experiences.

The following communities have achieved association and are either “SafeWays Certified Communities” or “SafeWays Communities” working toward certification. Fully Certified communities are those that have met and adhered to all requirements, and have engaged in various services, including specialized training and regular offense monitoring, as well as development of intervention strategies.