SafeWays Standard Certification Requirements

Each SafeWays Certified Community must comply with a set of certification requirements customized to its physical characteristics, geography, and community characteristics, including crime rate. However, all SafeWays Certified Communities must adhere to certain minimum requirements:

  1. Background checks. All SafeWays Certified Communities must perform background checks on prospective adult residents. The property’s background check policy must comply with applicable Fair Housing laws.
  2. Lease documentation: All SafeWays Certified Communities must employ written lease agreements. All leases must contain a code of conduct and provide for three-day-eviction in the event of criminal activity, as provided in Tennessee Code.
  3. District Attorney Anti-Trespass Program: All SafeWays-certified communities must participate in the Shelby County District Attorney General’s Anti-Trespass Program.
  4. District Attorney Drug Dealer Eviction Program: All SafeWays-certified communities must comply fully with any drug dealer eviction requests received from the office of the Shelby County District Attorney General.
  5. The property (structures, fences, pavement, amenities and landscaping) must be in good condition, and reasonably well-maintained. At a bare minimum, this means that there are no violations of the anti-blight housing code or any building code violations.
  6. All vacant units must be secured.
  7. The property name and address must be posted at the main property entrance.
  8. The property must be kept reasonably free of litter.
  9. Parking spaces, fire lanes, and speed bumps must be clearly marked.
  10. There must be no parking on improper surfaces.
  11. Trash receptacles must be in good condition, placed on a proper surface, and emptied regularly.
  12. Graffiti may not be present. Any new graffiti must be removed immediately.
  13. Building addresses and unit numbers must be clearly posted and visible to first responders at night.
  14. Stairs and railings must be in good condition.
  15. All unit doors must have a means of viewing who is at the door without opening it.
  16. All deadbolt locks must have a 1″ minimum received throw.
  17. All exterior door strike plates must be fastened to wall studs with 3″ minimum screws.
  18. All sliding doors and windows must have anti-slide/lift mechanisms.
  19. All exterior doors and windows must have functional locks.
  20. There must be operational smoke detectors in each unit, and on each level of multilevel units.
  21. All fire extinguishers must be properly maintained.

* Additional requirements apply for sites with swimming pools, playgrounds, or other amenities.

Due to differences in property layout, size, surrounding environment, and crime incidence on site and in the property’s vicinity, SafeWays may impose additional certification requirements for any property based upon site assessment and area crime analysis. Additional requirements may include (but are not limited to) perimeter control measures, security cameras and/or patrols, and ingress/egress control systems.