SafeWays Certification

– A Mark of Distinction

The SafeWays Certified Community designation is a mark of distinction communicating to residents, prospective tenants, and the community at large (including potential criminal offenders) that a property’s management has taken all reasonable steps to reduce the likelihood that criminal activity will occur on the property.

Achieving the SafeWays Certified Community designation is a major accomplishment that reflects the successful completion of a thorough examination of the property’s physical attributes and management’s policies, procedures, and operations to ensure that best practices are being employed to provide residents with optimum safety and quality of life.

Every SafeWays Certified Community will have a customized SafeWays Service Agreement detailing the requirements that must be met to retain the property’s certification. Requirements are based upon the vulnerabilities identified during inspection and the crime rate experienced by the community and the surrounding area. For a listing and explanation of some of the minimum standards applicable to all SafeWays Certified Communities, click here.

The SafeWays Certification process is commenced by submitting an interest survey, or by calling SafeWays’ Executive Director, Janine Heiner, at 901-507-4187.

SafeWays Interest Survey