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Some of our Partners

Memphis Police Department

AGAPE Child and Family Services

Memphis/Shelby Crime Commission

Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office

Lifeline to Success

SafeWays Crime-Prevention Services

Sixteen Memphis SafeWays-Certified Communities have shown significant and sustained reductions in crime. An additional twelve properties – including some of the most challenging properties in Shelby County – are working towards earning SafeWays certification and are already seeing results.

Thirteen SafeWays Monitored Safety Plan properties are making progress implementing SafeWays’ crime-prevention/crime reduction recommendations while receiving SafeWays’ supportive services.

New for 2024, there is already several properties participating in our most affordable service — the SafeWays Quarterly Monitoring Program — which provides engaged managers with the basic tools and information necessary to formulate and carry out their own crime prevention plan.

Become a Certified Community

Private sector participation

Some of Memphis’ largest apartment management companies are currently participating in the SafeWays Certification Program. These include:

  • Makowsky Ringel Greenberg LLC
  • ALCO Management, Inc.
  • ENVOLVE Client Services Group
  • TESCO Properties, Inc.

Follow SafeWays’ Progress

Just as Safeways Certified Communities are held accountable for satisfying program requirements, our certification program is continually reviewed to ensure that our client communities are benefitting from cutting-edge best practices, and that our interventions are delivering results. To join the discussion of multifamily property safety and how it impacts our community, follow Safeways on Twitter

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